What our Customers say...


We tried your competitors but were appalled at how often they skipped an appointment or left junk for us to cleanup. Fast, consistent, and professional work are reasons why SERVPRO is the restoration company for us.

Your mold remediators got rid of the mold and taught me and my staff how to avoid it in the future. Call this company.

I was amazed by the speed of SERVPRO's response. With so many people in our building affected by the storm I thought I’d wait days for an appointment. A PERSON answered the phone after midnight and a crew was out before daybreak.

SERVPRO employees are wizards! I never thought you could clean the family silver, but I am thrilled to be wrong. Recommended wholeheartedly!

I heard about SERVPRO from a work friend. He said you were professional and thorough, and he was right. Impressed with the moisture detection work that made sure all the water was gone.

I checked a lot of reviews and asked neighbors. Reports of speed and high-quality services are why SERVPRO made the cut. My contractor praised the work you did cleaning up water and mold damage before my latest remodel. Adding my positive review to many others.

I had hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in artisan yarns at risk from flash flooding. Customers in Manhattan and the world rely on me to find and stock gorgeous craft items. Instead of a disaster I have a fresh start because of SERVPRO.

I was worried about how the water could be removed when the storm took out the power. SERVPRO uses truck-mounted equipment and generators. Fast service and water out before I knew it. Brilliant!

I appreciate the care taken with my wedding album. We just got the pictures back from our reception when dryer lint started a fire. Thought they were ruined but your staff is amazing. Back on the shelf on the day we moved back.

My kids overflowed the bathtub while I was cooking dinner. Not only did your crew come FAST, they were so patient with my little helpers, AKA my twin sons.

I asked a lot of questions and feel I know why SERVPRO is the best. My neighbors are still waiting, but all of my damage is fixed after the water main burst.

I felt the odor from the fire would destroy my handmade soap and fragrance business. I was blown away at the many tricks your employees had up their sleeves to get rid of the smell. And I know fragrances! I’ll tell everyone to call SERVPRO now!

I could not believe the damage done when water from the roof drainage system got between my walls. I never would have found the water on my own. Your employees know their stuff and scanned for hidden water, and got rid of it, too.

I was impressed by their odor control protocol.  I would have given up, but your employees tried many things until the odor from our kitchen fire is GONE from everyplace in our home. 

I called in the wee hours about a leaky toilet. I can’t say enough about SERVPRO. Here fast and with a great attitude about a nasty job. I'll never use anyone else.

So many issues popped up after the fire, and I didn't want to find a dozen contractors to fix them all. A look at your website showed me why SERVPRO was a good fit.

I was terrified I would have to close my bistro after fire damage. Your team swooped in with exactly the right tools for the job. We were seating diners in just a couple of days later because of your excellent service.

We had soaked carpeting after rain poured through the french doors to my patio. Replacing the carpeting become unnecessary after your SERVPRO team worked their magic. I’ve already told a couple of friends to call you before tossing wet items.

So glad you handle water as well as fire damage. We got 2 for 1 help from your talented technicians.

I was terrified when my dishwasher overflowed. I was afraid the water would soak into my new carpeting. Your guys came on time and had the water out of my kitchen in a jiffy. THANK YOU! 

I was scared of scams after my high-rise had severe storm damage. Your decades in the business and recommendations from my family and friends are why SERVPRO was my first choice. Never looking back.

I couldn’t wait long for help because my inventory was at risk. SERVPRO was at my shop within hours with the equipment and operators needed to get the water out.

I was worried about the basement storage area during flooding in his brownstone. Having truck-mounted extractors worked slick. Can’t believe how fast SERVPRO got the water out of my storage closet after last month’s torrential rains.

I felt like a fool when my breakfast burned. Your work crew was kind and very prompt. Cleaned up the sprinkler water and explained why the whole apartment needed inspection for that sticky coating. Very reassuring, which I needed.

I am an engineer and did my due diligence. Training and the right equipment are why SERVPRO is your answer to damage from water, smoke, and other disasters.

I was stressed by the prospect of being closed for weeks after water damage. “So surprised that you could create a space for me to continue serving customers while your crews worked in the back. I didn’t miss a day and you have a customer for life.”

SERVPRO of Upper West Side was great! Water flooded my living room after a sudden downpour and I couldn't keep it from flooding in. From the office person answering my phone call, to the workers who immediately came out, everyone was helpful and told me exactly what to expect. I highly recommend them to anyone who asks! 

I had a fire in my apartment that started in my kitchen. After the fire department left Ben from SERVPRO of the Upper West Side was extremely helpful! We got an estimate and they quickly got to work. Two days later the smell of the smoke was completely gone. The soot was gone from all the surfaces and cabinets in my kitchen. It was clean and done with such professionalism. The price was fair and I was more satisfied. I recommend SERVPRO of the upper west side to all families that have lost their homes from floods, fires, and etc.

My Kitchen flooded in the middle of the night... at 1am - SERVPRO picked up the phone immediately when I called. Then, they were immediately on-site with equipment - total pros. They came back for insurance walk-through, having digital readouts of everything and backup for claims. Negotiating with agents became a non-issue with this level of documentation and data. Well done.

I wasn't sure who could dry my flooded basement but am glad I found SERVPRO of the Upper West Side. Ben gave me an estimate that same day and more helpful than I ever expected.  My basement was completely dry and back to normal within the week. I'm very thankful I found them because their service was great.